Absolutely use a massage on the foot to implant a hundred points

Absolutely use a massage on the foot to implant a hundred points


According to the sea point: relieve the dry throat, the sea hole is located in the foot depression, and the indented tip is depressed downward.

Photo, meaning irradiation, sea, symbolizes the big water, “as the sea” as the name suggests, refers to the large amount of water in the kidney through the evaporation of this, has the function of endothermic, to prevent this point can relieve throat dryness, red eyes, insomnia, etc. due to YinSymptoms caused by virtual fire.

When you squeeze, feel sour, hemp, and bulge; the pressing time should not be too long, 5?
10 minutes.


Inner court point: The stomach fire is at the bifurcation of the second toe and the third toe. The opponent’s foot is cold, the body is too sweaty, and the facial nerve part has a significant relief effect.

One of the most striking features of the inner court is that it can lick the stomach fire, which can be said to be the nemesis of the stomach fire.

Any toothache caused by stomach fire, sore throat, nosebleed, bad breath, stomach acid, constipation can massage the inner court.

Massage the inner court to heat the sputum, and the stomach fire effect is very good.

Usually, you can use the fingertip to insert this hole. When pressing, insert the finger into the hole with your fingertips and press it with a little force. It is suitable for soreness. For 1 minute on each side, 2 minutes, massage every day.


Taixi Point: The nourishing kidney Taixi point is located in the foot diameter, the depression between the back of the inset and the heel tendon.

Taixi Point is the original marriage frequency of the kidney, and the original point refers to the source, the driving force of life.

Every day, as long as you insist on stimulating the Taixi point, you will be able to mobilize the motive force of life, and the blood will reach the surface and descend.

The best time to press Taixi is at 9 o’clock every night, press 30 times at a time.

When pressing, we can use the posture of sitting or lying flat.

Press your fingertips with your fingers. When you press 揉, you must have a sore feeling. Pressing Taixi points every day can cause common complications caused by winter weather.


Da Dun Point: The awake mind is full of yin and liver. This point is on the toe of the big claw toe side (small toe side), and the lateral toe of the toe joint of the toe root is called the upper toe.

Indications for rib pain, chest full, vomiting, diarrhea, kidney qi, urinary closure, low back pain, women with abdominal pain.

The toe nail is the beginning of the so-called “liver meridian”, which is transferred to the genitals, liver, brain, and eyes.

Therefore, if you press “Da Dun”, you can make your mind clear and your eyes bright.

When the pressure is pressed for 7-8 seconds, slowly exhale, repeating about 10 times before going to bed every day.

Shiatsu Dad has a quick effect.

Therefore, in the morning when you wake up, you may wish to add finger pressure on the bed.


Fenglong Point: 祛 祛 痰 痰 丰 丰 丰 丰 丰 丰 丰 丰 丰 丰 丰 丰 丰 丰 丰 丰 丰 丰 丰 丰 丰 丰 丰 丰

Long-term adherence to massage can discharge the turbid wetness on the spleen and stomach like thunder and rain.

Find the two points of the knee and the outer implant from the outside of the leg, connect them into a line, then take the midpoint of the line, and then find the tibia on the leg, not the outside of the leading edge of the bone.

5 inches, about the width of your two fingers, and the midpoint just above, pressed in the vicinity, the most sensational or heavy pain, is the Fenglong point, put about 3 minutes a day.


Hidden white point: Jianpi back Yang foot Taiyin spleen, this point is at the toe bone of the big toe, one point away from the nail and the foot.

Indications of strong tongue, food vomiting, goodwill, fatigue, fatigue, body trouble, can not eat, abdominal pain, pain, stool leakage, lower limb fractures swelling or cold, foot toenail dyskinesia, jaundice and so on.

Press the fingertip or stick to compress the hole, or use the thumb and index finger to pinch the toe vertebrae, fracture and knead, indirectly stimulate the acupuncture points.


Yongquan Point: No. 1/3 of the front part of the foot of the yin and yin fire (not counting the toes), this point is connected to the line connecting the foot.

In the “Yellow Emperor’s Canon”, it is mentioned that “the kidney is out of the spring, and the spring is full of heart”, that is to say, the gas of the kidney is like the water of the source, and it flows out around the limbs of the irrigation body.

This acupoint is easy to accumulate for nourishing Yin and reducing fire, and can relieve dry mouth, dizziness, anxiety and so on caused by fire.The method is to put the thumb on the acupuncture point and use the supplemental force to smash 20?
30 times, morning and bedtime massage is better.


Quyu points: treatment of migraine foot Shaoyang bile duct, this point is on the four toe side (small toe side), one point away from the toenail root.

Indications of cold and hot, mouth pain, rib pain, migraine, sputum (mouse warehouse), malaria, femoral, knee, lateral calf, four toes and other pain, motor disorders.


Awesome points: Tongwei gastrointestinal experts said that Li’s point is next to the second toe, close to the third toe side, press the point, have heat and dampness, and regulate the stomach.

Use the thumb to press the sharp exchange points of the toenails at both ends, the intensity can be gradually increased, so that the pain is good, 2 minutes is good, then use the same method to squeeze the strong points on the other foot.


To the Yin point: clearing the heat and dispersing the wind to the yin point, belonging to the sun and bladder.

On the side of the small toe, about one point outside the corner of the toenails.

Excessive dampness and heat can cause urination and yellow odor, frequent urination, urgency, and urinary pain.

Click to go to the fire point to the yin point, which can be between 15:00 and 17:00, when the bladder is the most vigorous, insert it with your thumb and stick to it?
2 minutes, then change the other foot, 2 times a day.

It has the effect of clearing away heat and dispersing wind, and the effect of Tongli’s lower focus. It has a good excretion effect on urinary jaundice and other symptoms.

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