Japanese man walking fitness

Japanese man walking fitness

Running is a shortcut to achieving a high level of health. Knowing the benefits of running, you must make up your mind and practice.

Practice every day, take a long time, have a certain speed, this is the first step towards a healthy life.

Some experts have asserted that men who walk more than an hour a day are 4/5 smaller than those who have a heart anemia in less than an hour. The chances of walking are quite a lot, such as walking and getting off work.Take a walk in the evening, walk to visit friends, walk to the cinema, etc.

In Japan, it is common to walk 10,000 steps a day, so the average life expectancy of Japanese men ranks third in the world.

  The average step size of walking is 70-80 cm. There are usually the following exercise standards: the slowest walking – 60-70 steps per minute; the slow walking – 70-90 minutes per minute; the medium speed walking – 90-minutes per minute120 steps; fast go – 120-140 steps per minute.

  The speed of this exercise standard is average speed, but some shifts can also be made.

In fact, every man can improve the standard of speed walking regardless of age, as long as the cardiovascular system is not ill – 140 steps per minute.

Walking at this speed for an hour, about 8500 steps, has almost reached the standard of Japanese walking.

Everyone can do this easily and unknowingly in one day, but be sure to stick to it.

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