Qigong health rickets

Qigong health rickets

The term “qigong” in modern times includes the ancient “passing”, “guidance”, “preserving the gods”, “quiet power”, “moving power”, “internal power”, “external power”, “cultivation”, “meditation”””, “enter”, “sit meditation”, “sit in the health”, “cultivation of self-cultivation”, “breathing health”, etc., even based on internal strength, as long as the internal strength is based on, is the scope of Qigong.

  Qigong is divided into two major categories: mobilization and static work. The former is also called external work, and it is also called internal work.

The external work is based on internal strength, and the static pole can be excellent. That is to say, “the inner spirit is refined and the outer skin is strengthened.” The spirit is rich and the bones can be strong.

Static work is not static, but “external static movement”, which is the special movement state of the body.

As Wang Chuanshan said: “The quiet person is quiet, not moving.”

“Standing to rejuvenate the gods, taking the breathing as the main method of practice; moving to practice, using the moving limbs as the main method of practice.

Any static work or dynamic work, can not be separated from the heart, adjust the interest rate, adjust the basic means of these three exercises, that is, the intention to keep, breathing, posture three medical education.

Static is yin, movement is yang, movement and practice, “three adjustments” combination, so yin and yang reconciliation, rickets and prolonged years.

As Tao Hongjing’s “National Deferred Life Record” said: “There can be static and dynamic, so longevity.”

It can be seen from the above that Qigong is a physiological exercise method for rickets and prolonged years under the guidance of TCM health theory.

It has a certain connection with modern science of preventive medicine, psychosomatic medicine, sports medicine, natural medicine, geriatrics, sports, martial arts, etc.

It corrects the visceral activity by self-correcting the mind, breathing and body, and strengthens its own stability mechanism, thereby achieving the purpose of rickets and longevity.

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