The relationship between newborns and longevity

The relationship between newborns and longevity

The survey found that a large number of long-lived elderly people have different levels of malnutrition, which seems to coincide with the “dry longevity”.

  The results of the nutrition survey showed that the pattern of diet structure of the long-lived population of Bama was characterized by low energy, low fat, low salt, low cholesterol, insufficient protein supply, and other nutrients.

Although there are obvious defects in this diet structure model, the survey also shows that the population of this diet is short and the nutritional deficiency is too common, but it is a fact that there are a large number of longevity elderly people in this population.

  Do you want to improve the nutritional status of long-lived elderly people?

how to improve?

Nutritional status has a major impact on human life?

These questions really deserve further study.

However, what is certain is that low-energy, low-fat, light and natural diets have a weight on longevity.

  From the perspective of public nutrition, the scientific and reasonable diet suitable for people of different ages, different environments and different work needs is constantly changing.

The scientific value of the Bama people’s diet model for longevity is worthy of further research and discussion.

  Corn and soy milk are “good” and “bad” for longevity food milk, I dare not assert.


My wife died at the age of 102. I have never seen milk in my impression, and I have definitely not drunk.

The 100-year-old man of Bama is like my wife. They love vegetable oil, hemp seed oil and tea oil, and they eat it for life.

The centenarians of Bama see the soybeans as precious. They regard soy milk, tofu and soy products as inedible foods for a lifetime, representing more than meat.

I suggest that you learn from the centenary of Bama to drink soy milk.

  The investigation confirmed that the absorption of dairy products by the elderly in Bama was zero.

It is not a natural coincidence that the staple food of the world’s five longevity towns replaces corn, and it is not scientifically justified.

Corn is a coarse fiber food. It is a low-calorie food. It has low energy and thick fiber. It can accelerate the coupling and reduce the absorption of toxins.

  Of course, vegetables, fruits, bamboo shoots and many wild dishes are the lifeblood of the longevity of the Bama people.

As long as you can eat the whole grains, fruits and vegetables, drink clean water, eat other natural foods, fill your stomach, and excrete normally every day, you don’t need to add supplements blindly.

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