The performance of hand, foot and mouth disease needs daily care

The performance of hand, foot and mouth disease needs daily care

The high season of hand, foot and mouth is from April to July. Every year, due to the large temperature change, it creates conditions for the epidemic of infectious diseases. Schools and families must protect against hand, foot and mouth disease, so that early prevention, early detection and early treatment are available.

Here to teach everyone the mouth and mouth disease of the mouth: often wash your hands, open the window, drink more water, clothes, quilt, usually strengthen physical exercise, enhance physical fitness.

Keep plenty of sleep.

If the baby is accidentally infected, diagnose hand, foot and mouth disease, how should parents care for children with hands and feet at home?

1: Appropriate use of the drug watermelon cream, ice boron powder, etc. instead of a sputum oral disease, three times a day, for oral herpes.

2: Physical cooling can be given when unable to cool down and heat, such as cold head, hot bath, ice and ice treatment.

3: Keep away from the public office, because the disease is a contagious disease, do not bring the child to a public place, and close contact should be isolated.

4: During the period of keeping the air flowing smoothly, try to reduce exercise, rest in bed, and ensure air circulation in the room.

Rinse mouth with normal saline or warm water before and after eating to keep the mouth clean and to stimulate the food to stimulate the mouth.

Keep your skin clean and do not scratch your herpes to prevent ulceration.

5: Pay attention to the diet during the diet. It is recommended to use liquid food, semi-liquid food, and multi-nutrient diet. Pay attention to the proper temperature of the food and avoid excessive hot.

Do not eat sweet (chocolate, honey, sugar, etc.) salty (various pickled foods) Xin (mutton, leeks, etc.) spicy (onions, ginger, garlic, peppers, etc.), avoid eating fat and greasy.

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