Should elderly women not eat vinegar for a long time?

Should elderly women not eat vinegar for a long time?

Vinegar is the most commonly used ingredient in our daily life. It has a certain use in disease prevention and treatment. In recent years, it has been considered by women who love beauty to improve their beauty and lose weight.

But is it so good for the body to eat vinegar in such a large amount?

  Good quality vinegar, sour and slightly sweet, with aroma, is a good seasoning, and is a good acid stomach, and some also contain certain vitamins, such as vitamin B1, B2 and niacin.

Add some vinegar to the cooking, it can promote the dissolution of calcium, phosphorus, iron and other ingredients in the dish, and is fully absorbed and utilized.

Acetic acid also has a certain bactericidal effect.

The vinegar is mixed with cold vegetables, which not only seasons, but also helps digestion, and prevents acute infectious diseases.

When the worm encounters acid, it will retreat. When the biliary tract worm causes abdominal pain, it is usually slowly taken orally with 50 ml of vinegar and 50 ml of warm water. It can relieve the biliary sphincter and achieve the purpose of pain relief and create conditions for further treatment.

  Vinegar is boiled and evaporated twice a day to disinfect the air, which has certain effects on preventing influenza or mumps.

Sweating with hot and sour soup to treat the cold, more people use it.

Vinegar has a certain health care effect, but it is not enough to use it to treat diseases, especially for the treatment of viral hepatitis, hypertension, and diabetes. There is no such experiment at home and abroad, and there is no scientific basis for using weight loss.

  Although vinegar has many advantages, long-term drinking vinegar will corrode the teeth and decalcify it. After using water instead, use a straw to suck, and immediately rinse with water.

People with too much stomach acid should not drink vinegar.

Vinegar is an acidic substance and should not be eaten for a long time. Excessive consumption will affect the body’s acid-base balance. For people with chronic diabetes, it may even cause acidosis.

Experts reminded that for patients with atrophic gastritis, gastric cancer and other gastric acid deficiency, there is a certain dose of vinegar, but the acidity must be reduced, a small amount, interval to eat.

Therefore, the fashion of drinking vinegar may not necessarily suit you.

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