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6 kinds of food therapy prescriptions have good effect on gastric ulcer

6 kinds of food therapy prescriptions have good effect on gastric ulcer

6 kinds of food therapy prescriptions have good effect on gastric ulcer

In this fast-paced society, many people’s eating habits are getting worse, eating irregularly, or eating some unhealthy foods often.

Over time has led to the emergence of gastric disease, and gastric ulcers are one of them.

So, how to treat gastric ulcer?

The following editors recommend 6 food therapies for gastric ulcers, I hope to help you.

  Six recipes for the treatment of gastric ulcer 1. Maltose water material: maltose, water.

  Practice: two spoons of maltose, boiling water.

  Efficacy: It can cure gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, and has the effect of alleviating stomach pain.

  Second, tomato and potato juice materials: potatoes, tomatoes.

  Method: Stir the tomatoes and potatoes into juice, and configure 150 ml of tomato juice and 150 ml of potato juice in proportion.

  Efficacy: cure gastric ulcer.

  Third, potato honey paste material: 1000 grams of potatoes, honey amount.

  Method: Wash the potatoes, mash them with a meat stirrer, squeeze the juice with a clean gauze; put them in a pot and boil them on a high heat, then boil them over low heat; when they are thick, add twice the amount of honeyStir, then fry with simmering heat to form a paste. Allow to cool after use.

Take on an empty stomach 2 times a day, 1 tablespoon each time, for 20 days as a course of treatment.

  Efficacy: Suitable for stomach and duodenal ulcers.

Do not eat chili, shallot, garlic, wine and other irritating foods during eating.

  Fourth, Shixiantao stewed pork belly soup Ingredients: 90g of fresh Shixiantao (30g dry), 500g of fresh pork belly.

  Method: Cut the thick pieces of pork belly and stone peach into the stew pot, add an appropriate amount of water, and simmer for 1 hour.

After seasoning, drink soup and eat pork belly.

  Efficacy: Suitable for gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, malnutrition, etc.

  Fifth, jellyfish jujube brown sugar ingredients: 500 grams of jellyfish, 500 grams of jujube, 250 grams of brown sugar.

  Method: Add jellyfish, jujube and brown sugar together into the casserole, add water and fry with simmered fire to make a paste.

Take 1 spoon each time and take 2 times daily.

  Effect: spleen and stomach.

Suitable for stomach and duodenal ulcers.

  Six, lotus root steamed egg materials: one egg, 30 ml of fresh lotus root juice, 3 grams of panax notoginseng, white sugar itself.

  Method: Beat the eggs evenly, add 30ml of fresh scallion juice and 3g of panax notoginseng, season with some sugar and steam.

  Efficacy: It has hemostatic, analgesic, and blood stasis effects.

Applicable to gastric ulcer bleeding, duodenal bulb ulcer bleeding, tuberculosis hemoptysis and other symptoms.

Western Classic IQ Test Questions

Western Classic IQ Test Questions

Western Classic IQ Test Questions

This is a popular IQ test in Europe. There are 33 questions in total. The test time is 25 minutes. The maximum IQ is 174 points. If you are ready, please click “Start Timing”.Back A, D, G, J 1, 3, 6, 10 1, 1, 2, 3, 5 21, 20, 18, 15, 11, 11 8, 6, 7, 5, 6, 4 465536, 256, 16 1,0,-1,0 3968,63,8,3第9-15题:请从交替的图形中选择一个正确的(a,b,c,d)填入空白方格中     (第9题)    a b c d   (第10题)    a b c d   (第11题)    a b c d   (第12题)  a b c d   (第13题)  a b c d   (第14题)  a b c d   (第15题)  a b c d   第16-25题:选择图形填入空缺方格, Replace the following graphics can be correctly divided according to the logical angle.

  (Question 16) A B C D (Question 17) A B C D (Question 18) A B C D (Question 19) A B C D (Question 20) A B C D (Question 21) A B C D (Question 22)

Recommend two winter diet health soup

Recommend two winter diet health soup


Recommend two winter diet health soup

Winter is here, when the weather is dry and cold, and our body is also the weakest. Therefore, tonic in winter is very necessary, and soup is a must-have in diet and health care. It must not be missed.

Think about the warm pot of soup on the dining table in front of you.

The soup not only has a nourishing effect, but also can warm hands and feet in cold weather, and can also implant diseases.

  Wujitang anti-cancer anti-cold pharmacology believes that black chicken is rich in nutrition, and has certain effects on women’s infertility, irregular menstruation, habitual abortion, sub-leucorrhea and postpartum weakness.Adjuvant treatment of ulcers, neurasthenia, pediatric rickets.

It has a better effect on complications such as colds and bronchitis; in addition, silky chickens can nourish blood and nourish yin, and can be used for cancer patients to implant, nurse after radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

  Method: Wash one black chicken (800g) and remove the viscera, head, and tail; 4 jujubes, 20 Chinese wolfberries, 10 slices of American ginseng, and several roots of ginseng; chopped black chicken into 6 pieces, flatten gingerPut all ingredients into a casserole, add enough water, cook for 10 minutes on high heat, and cook for 1 and a half hours on low heat, season with salt and serve.

  Sturgeon soup anti-hypertensive sturgeon contains high-quality protein, which can strengthen the elastic fiber composition of the skin.

The special fatty acids contained in fish soup have anti-inflammatory effects and can relieve acute attacks.

  Method: 1 catfish (about 250 grams) shave the black film in the belly of the fish, drain it after washing; shred the radish (100 grams); heat the oil pan, wipe the pan with ginger slices, and put it when the oil temperature is relatively highSlowly fry the fish until golden on both sides. Add the fish to the boiling water and add jujube. After 20 minutes on high heat, turn to medium and low heat for another 20 minutes. Add shredded radish and cook for another 10 minutes.Ready to eat.
  Recommendation: Lao TCM Yangsheng Decoction for nourishing blood, nourishing qi, nourishing spleen and stomach, nourishing liver, and Runfei granules http: // www.


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High temperature yoga only reduces water and does not lose weight

High temperature yoga only reduces water and does not lose weight

High temperature yoga only reduces water and does not lose weight

In the past two years, hot yoga has become popular in major fitness clubs and yoga studios.

This kind of yoga is practiced under artificially high temperature environment. With a few simple movements or even lying on the ground, you can sweat a lot. It is not difficult to lose one kilogram in a class. People who want to lose weight see hope in it.

  Is hot yoga really so “spiritual”?

actually not.

When the body is under high temperature, the blood naturally flows to the epidermis to help dissipate heat. If decomposition is performed at the same time, muscles also need blood to provide energy. In addition, the body sweats a lot, quickly dehydrates, and the blood becomes dense.Skin cooling and muscle movement provide energy, and the body may experience a series of discomforts.

What’s more, yoga is about peace of mind, and high temperature can lead to mental stress, which itself runs counter to the peace of yoga.

  In fact, weight loss is some “aunt”, not moisture.

Many people find that they can lose weight by about 1 kg after the high-temperature yoga class ends, and they think that they have lost weight. This is misleading.

In a high temperature environment, the body will sweat more in order to maintain normal physiological functions, but this is not the same as burning aunt.

In fact, most of this “weight” is water, and these must be replenished.

  Generally, if you want to lose weight effectively, you should meet three basic conditions: low- and medium-intensity aerobic exercise, and systemic exercise, which lasts more than 20 minutes.

For the latter two, yoga can satisfy, but not the first.

  Aerobic exercise refers to the mode of exercise with less intensity and prolonged duration, and aerobic full participation in the metabolic process in the body, and common are running, swimming, cycling and so on.

When we do long-term aerobic exercise, the body will use glycogen and aunt at the same time. When the exercise intensity is about 65% of the maximum oxygen intake, the body can more relieve the energy supply.

Yoga is of little value for cardiopulmonary endurance and muscle endurance training.

It is neither aerobic exercise nor exercise intensity, so the effect of weight loss is not great.

Acne without trace oil skin girl beautiful summer

Acne without trace oil skin girl beautiful summer

Acne without trace oil skin girl beautiful summer

The acne is coming, the oil is too much, the pores are big, and the blackheads are coming to make fun. The MMs can’t help panic.

The summer is hot, the sun is hot, the air is dry, and the skin is facing a lot of abuse, especially oily girls can’t hurt it!

How to synthesize cobalt without acne?

Let ‘s walk into the “beauty summer camp” with Xiaobian.

  Fighting “acne” in the end reproduces the healthy skin of the bright summer sun, and the lush green always makes people feel a little bit more brilliant.

However, in the summer, the secretion of oil is strong, and the acne rises up. A serious red spot is like a small volcano that may erupt at any time. Every inch of white skin that is relentlessly occupied makes us suffer from “deteriorating appearance”!

Summer acne is imminent.

  Say goodbye to “cereals” and restore a refreshing look. Skin oils are always endless and will oxidize when exposed to air.

When the skin is oily, the sebaceous glands secrete more oil.

When irradiated with ultraviolet rays, the oil will accelerate oxidation.

After oxidation, the fat becomes sticky and turbid. If you stick to old keratin, dirt, etc., blackheads will form on the pores.

As the pores breathe and shrink over and over again, blackheads and oxidized grease will stick to the depth of the pore wall, accumulating and deepening, replacing the pores, which will cause pore expansion, collapse, dark particles, acne and other problems.

  Eradication of “Strawberry Nose” Reproduces the exquisite and small nose. Strawberry nose is usually the excessive secretion of oil from the oil glands of the nose. If not cleaned quickly, it will reduce the oil adenosine. Over time, it will cause the oil to harden.Black dots, these dots are listed as blackhead grease doubles.

So we became “strawberry” nose, the name is very nice, but it affects the beauty, so we must completely defeat the black nose.

  Shrink pores have rough skin tenderness and muscle pores. There are basically the following reasons. Dirt pores, strong sebum secretion, improper squeeze acne, improper use of cosmetics or drugs, skin relaxation and aging.

The large pores at both ends are a major failure of the beauty.

So shrinking pores becomes very important.

  Recommendation: Old Chinese medicine “acne king” herbal tea link: http: // www.


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Boiled eggs are the most nutritious. Wash the shell before cooking the eggs.

Boiled eggs are the most nutritious. Wash the shell before cooking the eggs.

Boiled eggs are the most nutritious. Wash the shell before cooking the eggs.

Obviously high quality protein and many nutrients, eggs have always been loved by people.

According to the questionnaires collected by the “Beijing Breakfast Nutrition Survey”, boiled eggs are the most recognized nutritional breakfast food.

However, even simple poached eggs have a lot to learn.

Recently, a new round of salmonellosis spreading across the United States has reminded everyone that eggs are most likely to be contaminated with salmonella, so you must pay attention to methods when cooking.

  It is not the first time that eggs are most susceptible to salmonella causing food poisoning.

He Jiguo introduced that among various bacterial food poisonings in various countries in the world, food poisoning caused by Salmonella is often ranked first, and it is not uncommon in China to cause poisoning.

  Salmonella is the pathogen of salmonellosis, which is a zoonotic disease, and meat and poultry eggs are the main sources of human infection.

Infecting children, Salmonella infection, the health of fragile women or the elderly poses a fatal threat to some people’s immune system.

At the same time, Salmonella also poses a threat to the health of normal adults. Most adults infected with Salmonella have symptoms of diarrhea, which can be cured in a few days, but children can have fever and diarrhea.

  It is best to boil for 8 minutes in boiling water. Although eggs may be contaminated with salmonella, preventing salmonella infection is also simple-first of all, it is best to rinse the shell thoroughly with water before cooking.

Because the egg shell is easy to stick to chicken dung, during the processing, especially the semi-cooked eggs may be contaminated with salmonella in chicken dung, and become the culprit for the spread of salmonellosis.

  First, cook it before you eat it.

Eggs must be heated until the yolks and egg whites have completely solidified to ensure safety.

  Experts point out that it is not good to cook eggs for too long or too short. The best way is to wash the eggs, soak them in a pot with water for one minute, and boil over low heat.

Change to low heat and cook for 8 minutes.

Do not cook for too long, otherwise, ferrous ions in the egg yolk will react with sulfur ions to form a brown precipitate of ferrous sulfide, which hinders the body’s absorption of iron.

  Eating raw vegetables may be a good match for nutritious breakfast. Eating eggs is not enough. You also need to mix some staple foods with vegetables and fruits.

Because of the tight time in the morning, many people are used to taking food out of the refrigerator and eating it directly.

Experts point out that ready-to-eat food stored in the refrigerator should be put in fresh-keeping boxes.

  Although meat and poultry eggs are the main source of Salmonella infection, eating some raw vegetables, soy products and other foods may be infected. In the United States, there have been cases of salmonella being eaten by tomatoes and peanut butter.

  He Jiguo said that during the growth of some vegetables, the epidermis may also be infected with Salmonella. If someone eats raw vegetables that have not been cleaned, Salmonella infection may occur.

  After food is infected with Salmonella, the taste and shape of the food will not change.

So how do you prevent Salmonella infection?

He Jiguo pointed out that cooking food thoroughly can effectively kill salmonella.

According to reports, Salmonella is characterized by rapid reproduction at 20-30 ° C, and the most suitable reproduction temperature is about 37 ° C.

But its resistance to heat is not strong, it will die 15-30 minutes at 60 ℃, high temperature cooking is the best sterilization method.

(Reporter Zhu Ruijuan)

Are you cheated on bitter melon lowering blood sugar-

Are you cheated on bitter melon lowering blood sugar-

Are you cheated on bitter melon lowering blood sugar?

Bitter gourd has been used as a medicinal material for a long time in the folk, and there are many statements about the efficacy of bitter gourd in the folk.

And people’s feelings for bitter gourd can be said to be intertwined with love-someone loves its crisp and refreshing, others find it hard to swallow.

As for the various expressions of bitter gourd, a more common one is that bitter gourd can lower blood sugar, and some bitter melon capsules suggesting that it can “help lower blood sugar” can be seen on the market.

Is that really the case?

  Momordica charantia is considered to have a potential hypoglycemic effect, mainly because momordica charantia extracts two active components of crystals-charantin (also known as momordica acid ester) and peptide P (Polypeptide-P).

With regard to momordicain, evidence from animal experiments is sufficient.

Researchers have compared the hypoglycemic effect of momordicain and a common hypoglycemic agent, metinin, in mice.

At that time, research results showed that the effect of lowering blood sugar of momordicain was even better than metinin.

The result was in the entire academic circle at that time-if momordica really can replace ordinary hypoglycemic drugs, this will be a revolutionary breakthrough.

Unfortunately, there were no clinical trials to verify the effect of momordicain separately.

  Another active ingredient, starch P, has a very similar structure to human insulin. For example, P can even mimic many of the mechanisms of insulin response.

Because of this, researchers believe that taking P may help lower blood sugar in people with type 1 diabetes who have insufficient insulin secretion.

In 1977, Indian researchers conducted a clinical trial on the efficacy of polycarbonate P.

In the experiment, the researchers injected 1 subcutaneously into 9 diabetic patients according to their severity.

8 grams to 7.

5 grams of polyamide P.

Within 30 minutes to 1 hour after the injection, the subjects’ blood glucose began to decrease, and it dropped to the lowest value after 6 hours.

Because the experimental design is full of breakthroughs, the number of experimental subjects is too small, and the experimental data is not statistically analyzed. In addition, the Indian scientific research conditions in the 1970s are too backward, and the academic community generally believes that this result is not convincing enough.

  In 2007, the only anticipated clinical study on lowering blood sugar in bitter gourd was successfully completed at the Philippine General Hospital.

The study used a randomized, double-blind method and a placebo replacement. The study subjects were 40 adults with diabetes.

Participants need to take capsules containing 1 gram of bitter gourd extract after each restart.

It was found that after taking the medicine for 3 months, the subjects’ glycated hemoglobin level (this index is often used as a reference standard for the average plasma glucose concentration in the oral cavity) was not significantly different from the placebo group.

  In addition, there is a problem that the content of P in bitter gourd is very small, and it is difficult to cause accurate quantification at present.

Research from Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine shows that the content of P in bitter gourd will be affected by the harvest time of bitter gourd, and bitter gourd harvested between September and October may not be detected.

Therefore, it is difficult to reduce the blood sugar significantly by eating bitter gourd alone based on the scarce main biologically active ingredients.

  At present, it is unclear how much bitter gourd can reduce blood sugar.

Diabetics should be cautious about similar adherence, strictly follow the doctor’s advice, take medications and control blood sugar, and don’t easily believe in the prescriptions spread online or in the public.

Food nutrition with better health effects

Food nutrition with better health effects

Food nutrition with better health effects

The food “blanketing” has better health effects. Duck meat with yam. From the taste, duck meat and yam complement each other. The waxy wax of yam can bring out the deliciousness of duck meat and also dispel its greasy. From the nutritional point of view, duck meatIt has a certain effect of nourishing yin and nourishing lungs, relieving cough and reducing phlegm, and when paired with yam that nourishes yin and nourishing spleen, it will have a good effect of nourishing spleen and nourishing the stomach, and nourishing lungs and cough.

Beef with tomato contains about 2 iron per 100 grams of beef.

8 mg, higher than most meats, has the effect of preventing iron deficiency anemia.

Vitamin C and lycopene in tomatoes help the body better absorb iron.

In addition, when adding some tomatoes to beef stew, you can re-cook the beef and change the cooking time.

Pork with garlic “Eat meat without garlic, nutrition is half less.

“Garlic contains allicin, which can increase the utilization of vitamin B1 in lean meat.

The content of vitamin B1 in pork is more than four times that of beef, far higher than other meats.

In fact, when they are boiled together, vitamin B1 can eliminate the fatigue of the human body and enhance the physical fitness.

Mutton with black beans Mutton is mixed with animal proteins. Black beans contain plant proteins, which can complement each other and promote the overall absorption of proteins.

Black beans contain carbohydrates of plant sterols and unsaturated fatty acids, which can reduce the body’s absorption of plasma and saturated fatty acids in mutton, which can help lower blood lipids.

Black enters the kidneys, so black beans can also enhance the effect of mutton and kidney warming.

Chicken with chestnut chicken has many types of protein, high digestibility, and contains phospholipids that play an important role in human growth and development.

Chestnut has the effects of strengthening the spleen and invigorating qi, clearing away heat and detoxifying. Paired with chicken, it can further improve the body’s absorption of protein and enhance its effect of nourishing Qi and nourishing qi.

Dog meat with sauerkraut contains protein 16 per 100 grams of dog meat.

8 grams, digestion is not free.

Sauerkraut can not only appetize and promote the secretion of gastric juice, but also contains metabolized lactic acid bacteria, which can promote the absorption of nutrients such as protein.

Sauerkraut also inhibits the absorption of cholesterol, and neutralizes the greasy feeling of dog meat.

However, the dog’s meat is hot and hot. Sauerkraut contains ingredients such as nitrite.

The above ingredients are common in life, and everyone does not prevent trying them when doing the alternation.


Shennong’s Herbal Medicine Top Grade Elixir: Poria

Shennong’s Herbal Medicine Top Grade Elixir: Poria

Shennong’s Herbal Medicine Top Grade Elixir: Poria

Poria is not only praised by medical scientists, but also appreciated by literati bachelors of all ages.

For example, Wu Rong of the Tang Dynasty, Li Shangyin, Huang Tingjian of the Song Dynasty, Su Dongpo, Su Zhe, and Cao Xueqin of the Qing Dynasty all praised Poria.

Among them, a poem written by Huang Tingjian called “The Sky” said: “As soon as Tang Panbing Porcelain sat in the spring, the roots of the long pine forest were rooted.

The auspicious Laozi proclaimed himself, and each taught a hundred years old . “Su Zhe also has” Serving Fuling Fu “and so on.

In the Qing Dynasty, the Empress Dowager Cixi was a health care. On the recommendation of the Taiyi, she often ordered the royal dining room to make “Poria cake” and used the reward to the Prince.As it became more sophisticated, the robe developed into one of the court’s famous sites in the late Qing Dynasty.

Tao Hongjing, a well-known medical scientist in the Jin Dynasty, said that Poria is “the best elixir of soul-building and soul-building.”

In the Qing Dynasty, Jia Jiuru said that Poria was a good medicine that was born from the true solution of fake pine and was born of the aura of pine.

Therefore, there are aliases of Lingling, Ling, Songshu, Songling and Yunling.

It is parasitic on the roots of pine trees such as Pinus sylvestris or Pinus massoniana, and is the dried sclerotium of Poria cocos.

  It has a long history in ancient times. As early as the third or fourth century BC, it was recorded that Poria was collected. For example, in the Book of Songs, there is the phrase “Cailing Cailing, the top of Shouyang”.

The “Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic” written in the Han Dynasty had Poria, and was classified as top grade.

Since then, all the monographs of Materia Medica have followed the formulation of “Shen Nong’s Materia Medica”, thinking that the product is “long-serving, calming souls and keeping the soul, and does not survive for years.”

  TCM believes that Poria is sweet, mild and flat.

Into the heart, spleen and kidney.

It has the effects of diuresis, dampness, spleen and qi, peace of mind and tranquility.

Can treat uncomfortable urination, edema and swelling, phlegm cough, spleen deficiency and lack of food, stool diarrhea, palpitations, insomnia, and Meniere’s syndrome.

  Modern pharmacological studies have shown that Poria contains Poria acid, Acetyl Poria acid, Dehydrodentate acid, Pine age acid, B-Poria blend, Poria polysaccharide, B-Poria decomposing enzyme, trace enzyme, protease, choline, protein, trace,Lecithin, ergosterol, glucose, adenine, histidine, gum, chitin and potassium, sodium and other trace elements.

And has the following pharmacological effects: 1.

Immune effect.

Poria polysaccharide can significantly improve the body’s immune function and improve the efficacy of anticancer drugs.


Regulates water and electrolyte balance.

Because Poria has a slow and long-lasting diuretic effect, it can promote the excretion of sodium, potassium and chlorine.


Anticancer effect.


Has a sedative effect.


Reduce blood sugar and other effects.

  Mainly produced in Hubei, Henan, Anhui, Zhejiang and other places, and the color is white and red and greasy, the strong adhesion is better.

  Here are a few diet recipes and small recipes for your reference.

  Bazhen cake Poria, lotus seeds, coriander seeds, lentils, barley, yam, black powder, white sugar, are ground into fine powder and made into cakes.

This recipe can strengthen the spleen and nourish the stomach, nourish qi and neutralize it, and be used for senile and frail, weak organs, weak spleen and stomach, less bloating, swollen facial muscles, and thin bloating. It is one of the commonly used tonics in Qing court.

Emperor Qianlong began to take it about 40 years ago, and it was often worn in his 80s.

  Chinese Yam Poria Bun Yam powder, 100 grams of Poria powder, 200 grams of flour, 300 grams of sugar, edible alkali, lard, fruit amount.

Put yam powder and Poria powder into a bowl and add an appropriate amount of water to make a paste and steam for half an hour. Add lard and white candy material into the filling for later use.

Ferment the flour, add an appropriate amount of edible alkali, form buns, and steam to serve.

Yam Poria bun has the effects of spleen and stomach, invigorating qi, and solidifying essence.
For spleen and stomach weakness, loss of appetite, enuresis, frequent urination and other patients.
Healthy people eat regularly to strengthen their physique and prevent disease from prolonging.

  Suzaku Maru 60 grams (peeled) and 15 grams of agarwood.

Take 10 pills per serving and take away the ginseng soup after meals.

Governing instability, unforgettable, unhappy, fire does not fall, water does not lift up.

Often take it, can eliminate yin and nourish fire, and improve the mood.

  For urination frequency, Poria (peeled), antler cream are divided into equal parts, grind finely, and wine paste pills, such as sycamore seeds.

30 pills per serving, taken on an empty stomach.

  Poria can not help but urinate, red equal parts of Poria are rubbed, washed with water, controlled to dry, boiled with wine to make juice cream and pill, large marbles, fasted with salt wine.

Can cure heart and kidney qi deficiency, unconsciousness, urinary dripping, and nocturnal emission.

Examination Syndrome near the exam day

Examination Syndrome near the exam day

“Examination Syndrome” near the exam day

It is more than two months before the middle and high school entrance examinations, and some candidates have “exam syndrome”, feeling anxiety, depression, mania, fear, and some even have mental illness.
  From March 17 to the present, 27 middle school students of mental and mental illness caused by the pre-examination of Guangxi Longquanshan Hospital have been admitted.
    Amei, who was in her third year in a middle school in Liuzhou, was taken by her mother to the Psychological Outpatient Center of Liuzhou Workers’ Hospital yesterday. She looked restless and restless.
The mother said that she had not been to school for more than a month, and often felt stomach pains and headaches. She took her to the hospital for a medical examination without any symptoms.
Her mother asked her to go to school, but she cried hysterically: “I don’t want to read!
Don’t go to school!
“Ma Lianghong, a psychological clinician, examined Amei and found that she had severe anxiety.
  Ma told reporters that in recent times, the number of middle school students receiving psychological outpatient clinics has increased significantly, accounting for one-third of patients.
Not long ago, there was also a junior high school boy with symptoms of mental illness. Parents sent the boy to Longquanshan Hospital for treatment on the advice of a doctor.
  The reporter learned from Longquanshan Hospital that from March 17 to the present, the hospital has treated 27 middle school students suffering from “exam syndrome”.
  Dr. Ma Lianghong made a survey of the sick middle school students and found that most of the psychological problems occurred were “good students” with excellent grades.
Because parents and teachers have high expectations of them, the requirements are also extremely strict; they spend all their time in books except sleeping and eating, studying at least 12 hours a day, and some have never crossed the street since the beginning of schoolWalked through the park.
  Psychologists have called on parents and schools to give more humane care to middle school students and communicate more with them. Don’t just care about the entrance exams and ruin the physical and mental health of children.

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