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The relationship between newborns and longevity

The relationship between newborns and longevity

The relationship between newborns and longevity

The survey found that a large number of long-lived elderly people have different levels of malnutrition, which seems to coincide with the “dry longevity”.

  The results of the nutrition survey showed that the pattern of diet structure of the long-lived population of Bama was characterized by low energy, low fat, low salt, low cholesterol, insufficient protein supply, and other nutrients.

Although there are obvious defects in this diet structure model, the survey also shows that the population of this diet is short and the nutritional deficiency is too common, but it is a fact that there are a large number of longevity elderly people in this population.

  Do you want to improve the nutritional status of long-lived elderly people?

how to improve?

Nutritional status has a major impact on human life?

These questions really deserve further study.

However, what is certain is that low-energy, low-fat, light and natural diets have a weight on longevity.

  From the perspective of public nutrition, the scientific and reasonable diet suitable for people of different ages, different environments and different work needs is constantly changing.

The scientific value of the Bama people’s diet model for longevity is worthy of further research and discussion.

  Corn and soy milk are “good” and “bad” for longevity food milk, I dare not assert.


My wife died at the age of 102. I have never seen milk in my impression, and I have definitely not drunk.

The 100-year-old man of Bama is like my wife. They love vegetable oil, hemp seed oil and tea oil, and they eat it for life.

The centenarians of Bama see the soybeans as precious. They regard soy milk, tofu and soy products as inedible foods for a lifetime, representing more than meat.

I suggest that you learn from the centenary of Bama to drink soy milk.

  The investigation confirmed that the absorption of dairy products by the elderly in Bama was zero.

It is not a natural coincidence that the staple food of the world’s five longevity towns replaces corn, and it is not scientifically justified.

Corn is a coarse fiber food. It is a low-calorie food. It has low energy and thick fiber. It can accelerate the coupling and reduce the absorption of toxins.

  Of course, vegetables, fruits, bamboo shoots and many wild dishes are the lifeblood of the longevity of the Bama people.

As long as you can eat the whole grains, fruits and vegetables, drink clean water, eat other natural foods, fill your stomach, and excrete normally every day, you don’t need to add supplements blindly.

The performance of hand, foot and mouth disease needs daily care

The performance of hand, foot and mouth disease needs daily care

The performance of hand, foot and mouth disease needs daily care

The high season of hand, foot and mouth is from April to July. Every year, due to the large temperature change, it creates conditions for the epidemic of infectious diseases. Schools and families must protect against hand, foot and mouth disease, so that early prevention, early detection and early treatment are available.

Here to teach everyone the mouth and mouth disease of the mouth: often wash your hands, open the window, drink more water, clothes, quilt, usually strengthen physical exercise, enhance physical fitness.

Keep plenty of sleep.

If the baby is accidentally infected, diagnose hand, foot and mouth disease, how should parents care for children with hands and feet at home?

1: Appropriate use of the drug watermelon cream, ice boron powder, etc. instead of a sputum oral disease, three times a day, for oral herpes.

2: Physical cooling can be given when unable to cool down and heat, such as cold head, hot bath, ice and ice treatment.

3: Keep away from the public office, because the disease is a contagious disease, do not bring the child to a public place, and close contact should be isolated.

4: During the period of keeping the air flowing smoothly, try to reduce exercise, rest in bed, and ensure air circulation in the room.

Rinse mouth with normal saline or warm water before and after eating to keep the mouth clean and to stimulate the food to stimulate the mouth.

Keep your skin clean and do not scratch your herpes to prevent ulceration.

5: Pay attention to the diet during the diet. It is recommended to use liquid food, semi-liquid food, and multi-nutrient diet. Pay attention to the proper temperature of the food and avoid excessive hot.

Do not eat sweet (chocolate, honey, sugar, etc.) salty (various pickled foods) Xin (mutton, leeks, etc.) spicy (onions, ginger, garlic, peppers, etc.), avoid eating fat and greasy.

Basketball body sculpting skills and body at the same time

Basketball body sculpting skills and body at the same time

Basketball body sculpting skills and body at the same time

Good shape is not necessarily just a new life in the gym, the body shaping training next to the stadium can also bring you surprises.

The following trainings are performed 3 times a week, giving you a more perfect body and more exquisite ball.

Mr. Fashion teaches you simple basketball

  Basketball body shaping and bodywork also have the strength and strength of the strength training pass.


Straighten vertically and hold the basketball flat on your chest.


With the right foot as the center, twist the upper body and the vertical to the left to the maximum, and let the basketball draw the largest arc in the horizontal direction, and the arm should not sag.

Then use the left foot as the center and twist the upper body and the vertical to the right to complete the movement.

Repeat 20 times.

  The balance is sensitive to people, and the light ball needs the coordination of the body.


The body is slender, the legs are separated, the distance between the two feet is the same as the shoulder width, and the micro-bend is aligned, and the ball is lifted vertically above the head.


Lift it vertically to the front and rotate it counterclockwise (left) with the ground level. Be careful not to bend the elbows.


Move the basketball in order according to the left, the bottom, the right, and the top. The running track is like drawing a big circle in front of you.

After repeating 10 times, start from the clockwise direction (right) and repeat 10 times in the order of right, bottom, left, and top.

Should elderly women not eat vinegar for a long time?

Should elderly women not eat vinegar for a long time?

Should elderly women not eat vinegar for a long time?

Vinegar is the most commonly used ingredient in our daily life. It has a certain use in disease prevention and treatment. In recent years, it has been considered by women who love beauty to improve their beauty and lose weight.

But is it so good for the body to eat vinegar in such a large amount?

  Good quality vinegar, sour and slightly sweet, with aroma, is a good seasoning, and is a good acid stomach, and some also contain certain vitamins, such as vitamin B1, B2 and niacin.

Add some vinegar to the cooking, it can promote the dissolution of calcium, phosphorus, iron and other ingredients in the dish, and is fully absorbed and utilized.

Acetic acid also has a certain bactericidal effect.

The vinegar is mixed with cold vegetables, which not only seasons, but also helps digestion, and prevents acute infectious diseases.

When the worm encounters acid, it will retreat. When the biliary tract worm causes abdominal pain, it is usually slowly taken orally with 50 ml of vinegar and 50 ml of warm water. It can relieve the biliary sphincter and achieve the purpose of pain relief and create conditions for further treatment.

  Vinegar is boiled and evaporated twice a day to disinfect the air, which has certain effects on preventing influenza or mumps.

Sweating with hot and sour soup to treat the cold, more people use it.

Vinegar has a certain health care effect, but it is not enough to use it to treat diseases, especially for the treatment of viral hepatitis, hypertension, and diabetes. There is no such experiment at home and abroad, and there is no scientific basis for using weight loss.

  Although vinegar has many advantages, long-term drinking vinegar will corrode the teeth and decalcify it. After using water instead, use a straw to suck, and immediately rinse with water.

People with too much stomach acid should not drink vinegar.

Vinegar is an acidic substance and should not be eaten for a long time. Excessive consumption will affect the body’s acid-base balance. For people with chronic diabetes, it may even cause acidosis.

Experts reminded that for patients with atrophic gastritis, gastric cancer and other gastric acid deficiency, there is a certain dose of vinegar, but the acidity must be reduced, a small amount, interval to eat.

Therefore, the fashion of drinking vinegar may not necessarily suit you.

What are the characteristics of senile nephrotic syndrome?

What are the characteristics of senile nephrotic syndrome?

Have some special performance

What are the characteristics of senile nephrotic syndrome?

Have some special performance

Nephrotic syndrome is a group of diseases that are characterized by a large number of proteinuria and severe hypoalbuminemia. They can be divided into primary and secondary diseases with or without edema and hyperlipidemia.Big class.

With non-senile nephrotic syndrome index, senile nephrotic syndrome has the following important features.

Characteristics of senile nephrotic syndrome First, senile nephrotic syndrome is often secondary to secondary secondary factors including diabetes, tumor, amyloidosis and systemic vasculitis.

For elderly patients with nephrotic syndrome, it should be carefully identified first whether it is secondary.

Second, according to the general condition, individualized treatment is very important in the elderly with primary nephrotic syndrome disease spectrum similar to non-elderly, with membranous nephropathy and minor complications are relatively common.

Primary nephrotic syndrome often requires treatment with glucocorticoids and immunosuppressive agents, and the toxicity of these drugs is average.

Complications from treatment are more common and more severe due to complications of the treatment.

Therefore, before using these drugs, you should know in detail the etiology, pathology, treatment goals and tolerance to drug treatment of patients with nephrotic syndrome, especially in the assessment of the state of the patient’s body, in the treatment of hypertension must also considerSystemic factors are clearly defined and individualized treatment options are developed.

Third, complications and severe elderly patients with nephrotic syndrome are more likely to occur a variety of acute chronic complications, such as infection, acute kidney injury, embolism, diabetes, digestive ulcers and osteoporosis, and the elderly caused by nephrotic syndromeThe abnormal pathophysiology and the complications of nephrotic syndrome are poorly tolerated. If promptly detected and treated in time, serious consequences may occur.

Fourth, the regular onset of very important elderly patients with nephrotic syndrome has a complex etiology, combined with more diseases and complications, and the treatment is relatively relatively common. Therefore, the treatment should be stepped up and the treatment goals, efficacy and complications need to be continuously evaluated.Sedation and timely adjustment of medication to avoid more deadly complications of earlier primary complications.

Related recommendations for patients with nephrotic syndrome Note: Most of this food should be taken with caution!

What are the benefits of nephrotic syndrome? What are the recommended foods for these 14 foods?

Early symptoms of pediatric nephrotic syndrome

What can an elderly person eat longevity? Basically, longevity food should be eaten regularly.

What can an elderly person eat longevity? Basically, longevity food should be eaten regularly.

What can an elderly person eat longevity? Basically, longevity food should be eaten regularly.

Food nutrition is one of the most direct and important alternatives to anti-aging and immune enhancement measures.

For the health and longevity of the elders, the younger generation should prepare several longevity dishes on the table for the elderly.

Then the question is coming, what can the elderly eat longevity?

Next, we will give you a variety of longevity dishes for your reference.

  What can the elderly eat for longevity?

  1, vegetable vegetables are the main food for the supply of human minerals, vitamins, especially vitamin C, beta-carotene is not a vegetable.

The distal end is highly recommended by the precipitating fiber, and vegetables are also at the top of the list. In addition, its low glycemic index and strong anti-oxidation effect have become essential foods for anti-aging and disease prevention in the elderly.

There are many kinds of vegetables, and bitter melons are especially mentioned here.

  Bitter gourd contains vitamin C, vitamin E, carotene, zinc and selenium, which are rich in anti-oxidation and improve human immunity.

Chinese medicine believes that bitter gourd has the effect of eliminating heat and clearing heat, clearing eyes and detoxifying and lowering blood sugar.

  2, soy products The soy products mentioned here refer to soy products, including tofu, soy milk, dried seeds, thousand sheets, vegetarian chicken and so on.

Why do you recommend soy products?

Because soybean is rich in high-quality protein and minerals, trace elements and other nutrients, it also contains many other functional ingredients, such as isoflavones, low molecular weight, substituted fiber, lecithin, etc. Soy contains mainly traces of linoleic acid.These substances are active substances that are beneficial to human health. They have the effects of lowering blood fat, lowering blood sugar, lowering blood pressure, losing weight, preventing osteoporosis, improving memory, and improving symptoms of menopausal syndrome. It can be said to be a long-lived food.

  3, fish fish is the main food source of high-quality protein required by the human body. It contains about 20 grams of protein per 100 grams, can consume essential amino acids, has high bioavailability and tastes delicious.

The trace impurities in fish contain large amounts of fatty acids, mainly unsaturated fatty acids, especially deep-sea fish oxides DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), which are beneficial to reduceBlood cholesterol and prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Fish also contain vitamin A, vitamin B2 and trace elements such as iron and zinc.

  Therefore, it is recommended that the elderly should eat more fish and eat less meat.

  4, algae food bacteria algae foods include mushrooms, fungus, white fungus, kelp, moss, seaweed and so on.

Although few people of this kind of food are the protagonists of the tilt, their nutritional value cannot be ignored.

Bacteria algae foods are low in amount, but rich in protein, dietary fiber, vitamins and trace elements. The protein content is comparable to lean pork and beef, and can also be plant polysaccharides.

  At the same time, B vitamins are rich in content, especially vitamin B2 is higher than other foods.

Trace elements are rich in iron, zinc, selenium and iodine, especially iodine is unique to marine plants and is comparable to other foods.

  Algae foods also have important health benefits.

As the lentinan and tremella polysaccharides contained, it has the functions of enhancing immunity and anti-tumor.

Mushrooms have the effect of lowering blood cholesterol.

Black fungus can resist platelet aggregation and reduce blood coagulation to prevent thrombosis.

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