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[Can I eat chocolate pie during breastfeeding]_Chocolate_Breastfeeding_Can I eat

[Can I eat chocolate pie during breastfeeding]_Chocolate_Breastfeeding_Can I eat

[Can I eat chocolate pie during breastfeeding]_Chocolate_Breastfeeding_Can I eat

Of course, you must accept diet during breastfeeding. Many women prefer chocolate. During breastfeeding, due to the problem of breastfeeding children, you should reduce the number of chocolates. After all, eating too much chocolate will also easily affectAppetite causes obesity.

1. First of all, for breastfeeding women, because they want to breastfeed their babies, there are many taboos in the usual diet. This will be discussed later. For the question of whether you can eat chocolate during breastfeeding, you can definitely say that you can eatYes, but it must be the right amount, because the theobromine contained in chocolate penetrates into breast milk and accumulates in the baby’s manifestation.

Theobromine can damage the nervous system and heart, increase muscle relaxation, increase urine output, make infants have indigestion, sleep instability, and keep crying.

Maternal eating more chocolate will affect appetite and gain weight.

2. Eating chocolate in moderation during lactation is not harmful. As for the amount, it depends on each woman’s body system and baby’s age, but also pay attention to oral hygiene and teeth.

High blood sugar or diabetes is best not to eat, eat dark chocolate if you want to eat.

Less sugary.

3, lactating women eat chocolate all day will soon affect appetite, not only make the body need sufficient nutrition, will make the body fat (what does confinement do not gain weight), which of course affects the maternal health and baby growth.

[Can I eat scallops in early pregnancy]_Pre-pregnancy_Can I eat

[Can I eat scallops in early pregnancy]_Pre-pregnancy_Can I eat

[Can I eat scallops in early pregnancy]_Pre-pregnancy_Can I eat

Many people especially like to eat shellfish, and shellfish are generally produced from the ocean, so they can be eaten often by the sea, and shellfish foods are rich in calcium, which is especially suitable forIn the mid-lactation period, for pregnant women, you can eat some calcium supplements, but be careful not to have allergic reactions, so can you eat scallops in early pregnancy?

Scallops and other shellfish foods contain Delta 7-cholesterol and 24-methylene glycol, which can reduce the cholesterol content in the human body and supplement rich protein, which can be consumed by pregnant women.

However, the pollution of seawater is relatively serious. Generally, the content of heavy metals in shellfish exceeds the standard. Do not eat more to avoid the deposition of middle metals in the body, which will affect the baby’s nervous system, and scallops are cold.

Scallops are the names for the bivalve molluscs of the genus Scallop, with more than 400 species.

More than 60 species of this section are one of the important marine fishery resources around the world.

Shell, meat and nacre have extremely high utilization value.

Many scallops are eaten as a gourmet.

Scallops with bright, radial patterns are loved by collectors, and the patterns are used as artwork.

Scallops are a family in the order Bivalvia.

Widely distributed in various sea areas of the world, the tropical sea is the most abundant.

About 45 species have been found in China, of which the northern scallop scallops and the southern luxuriant scallop scallops and long-rib sun-shells are important economic species.

Scallops, also known as sea scallops, are delicious and nutritious. After the dried muscles of the scallops are dried, they are called “scallops” and are included in the list.

Scallops are an extremely popular shellfish in Eastern and Western recipes.

There are two types of meat in scallops. One is the constricted muscle of the scallop, which is white and very fleshy. The other is the meat around the internal astringent muscle, which is red and soft.

Usually, the meat in the scallops only uses the internal astringent muscle as the ingredient, and the surrounding red meat is replaced.

The efficacy and role of scallops 1, brain health: complications, energy necessary to maintain brain function.

2. Eyesight: predict calcium, increase the elasticity of the eyeball wall, and correct the occurrence and development of myopia.

3, spleen and stomach: suitable for weak spleen, abdominal distension caused by lack of transport, abdominal distension, loss of appetite, limb fatigue and other symptoms.

Warm the stomach and treat cold.

4, intestinal moisturizing: cellulose can promote the peristalsis of the intestinal wall, help digestion, and prevent dry stool.

5, beauty skin care: rich in vitamin E, inhibit skin aging and prevent pigmentation.

Eliminates skin damage such as dry skin and ulcers caused by skin allergies or infections.

6, blood circulation: suitable for people without Guanghua, rosy, cold hands and feet.

High iron content, good absorption.

7, cancer suppression and anti-tumor: effective prevention of cancer and reduce the incidence of canceration.

Delay and inhibit vitamin growth and spread.

Degradation of polysaccharides, shrinking.

[Baby food supplement cabbage how to do]_Baby food supplement_How to do

[Baby food supplement cabbage how to do]_Baby food supplement_How to do

[Baby food supplement cabbage how to do]_Baby food supplement_How to do

There are many types of complementary foods for babies. Mothers should understand the common complementary food practices, and learn to make some vegetable porridge and bone soup practices. These are more suitable as complementary food for babies.

Adding complementary foods to your baby ca n’t eat too much, otherwise it will affect your baby ‘s feeding, and eating too many complementary foods will not digest it, but will affect your baby ‘s health, so mothers can understand the practice of cabbage mud.
40ml of boiled water with 1 cabbage as main ingredient of Chinese cabbage. Step 1.

After cutting the stalks of pakchoi, it is cut into a size convenient for muddy.

The stem and leaves are open.


After washing, put the stem part into the pot first, add 400?
600cc of boiling water, cover the water slightly with the dishes.

Set for 10 minutes to cook.


After the part of the stem is cooked, put the leaf into the pot, set for 5 minutes to cook, and then cool the pot when it is stirred.

Do not use water for cooking.


Put the warm and cold Chinese cabbage in the conditioner, add 40cc of boiling water to mud, and don’t want to be too thin, add 20cc.

After dredging is completed, aliquot and freeze.

Cabbage puree Ingredients Cabbage 2 slices Method / steps Remove the old leaves of the cabbage and take the middle leaves and wash them.

Pour the cabbage into boiling water and remove for about 1-2 minutes.

Remove the vegetable stems and chop the cabbage leaves horizontally and vertically.

Add to the strainer and grind with the back of a spoon.

Just scrape the puree out through the filter.

Note: You can also use food scissors to smash after boiling water.

Finally add the rice noodles or thick porridge that your baby needs.

Baby vegetable puree and vegetable juice making tools / raw baby vegetable core a 60 mesh sieve stainless steel spoon a method / steps Select a baby vegetable core, peel off the outer package leaves, select the young leaves inside, many leaves and few stems,Fold the picked leaves and soak them in water for about ten minutes, remove more pesticide residues, boil the water, and put the soaked leaves in and cook them.

Remove the cooked leaves, cool and shred the finely chopped chopped vegetables into the freshly boiled water, and stew again.

Separate the boiled vegetables with a sieve.

Roll the crushed vegetables on the sieve to roll out the large particles.

Turn the sieve, take the sieved puree on the back, gently scrape it up with a spoon, and place it in a bowl.

Put the vegetable puree and vegetable juice separately.

The vegetable puree melts at the entrance, and the taste is really great, suitable for young and old!

The vegetable juice is healthy, and a little smaller grains of puree slide in, making the vegetable juice attractive again!

The perfect puree and sauce is done!

Babies like it so much, babies over four and a half months can try it!

Precautions Select more vegetables and fewer stems, because the stem fibers are too thick, the leaves are rich in chlorophyll, and there are more slender fibers, which is more conducive to eating for babies.

Vegetable leaves must be washed clean

Examination Syndrome near the exam day

Examination Syndrome near the exam day

“Examination Syndrome” near the exam day

It is more than two months before the middle and high school entrance examinations, and some candidates have “exam syndrome”, feeling anxiety, depression, mania, fear, and some even have mental illness.
  From March 17 to the present, 27 middle school students of mental and mental illness caused by the pre-examination of Guangxi Longquanshan Hospital have been admitted.
    Amei, who was in her third year in a middle school in Liuzhou, was taken by her mother to the Psychological Outpatient Center of Liuzhou Workers’ Hospital yesterday. She looked restless and restless.
The mother said that she had not been to school for more than a month, and often felt stomach pains and headaches. She took her to the hospital for a medical examination without any symptoms.
Her mother asked her to go to school, but she cried hysterically: “I don’t want to read!
Don’t go to school!
“Ma Lianghong, a psychological clinician, examined Amei and found that she had severe anxiety.
  Ma told reporters that in recent times, the number of middle school students receiving psychological outpatient clinics has increased significantly, accounting for one-third of patients.
Not long ago, there was also a junior high school boy with symptoms of mental illness. Parents sent the boy to Longquanshan Hospital for treatment on the advice of a doctor.
  The reporter learned from Longquanshan Hospital that from March 17 to the present, the hospital has treated 27 middle school students suffering from “exam syndrome”.
  Dr. Ma Lianghong made a survey of the sick middle school students and found that most of the psychological problems occurred were “good students” with excellent grades.
Because parents and teachers have high expectations of them, the requirements are also extremely strict; they spend all their time in books except sleeping and eating, studying at least 12 hours a day, and some have never crossed the street since the beginning of schoolWalked through the park.
  Psychologists have called on parents and schools to give more humane care to middle school students and communicate more with them. Don’t just care about the entrance exams and ruin the physical and mental health of children.

What makes a good man like a bad woman

What makes a good man like a bad woman

What makes a good man like a bad woman

A study on men found that men secretly admire women who are brave enough to cast aside their babies’ abdomen, which means that you must satisfy their insatiable needs in order to make them happy.

This often satisfies a man’s natural desire to fight.

Because they have long believed that women must be despicable in their sexual relations, so a woman who has the upper hand will be a very tempting challenge.

  Why can’t men just refuse bad women?

  The bad woman exuded a dangerous breath, like saying, “I am from a different world than you.

“For a man, a woman who knows what she is, what she wants, and who is conscious and proud of herself is the most distorted animal in the world.

When those good families women, self-pity doubted: “Does he like me?

What does he think of me?

What does he see in me?

“When these girls are thinking,” What good is it to me to be with this guy? ”

“While these good women are busy finding reasons to affirm their self, the bad girls have used their precious time to make the boys happy.

In fact, these bad girls just did a few tricks . but soon, these boys will be obedient.

  ”It is human nature to long for things that are not wanted, and this temptation is particularly strong for single men.

“To a man, the girl who has come to work hard is like conquering a great progress in life, and this hard-won girl will be easier in his mind than a girl who can easily get it.
  Just like men, it is straight to say that bad women will never yell hysterically, but will handle things beautifully (man does not have the kind of American time, and can help her wipe her butt by the woman every day).

  In addition, bad women do not care about trivial matters, and men also like this because they know what they want.

Sometimes for a man, it’s just a little bit more to get along with a bad woman than to be with a woman who always loves and talks emotionally.

Sensitive women who feel remorse will always make men feel very suspicious, never knowing where they are causing them again?

Bad women can always express themselves very clearly and bravely.

Because of this, they can always easily get what they want.

In addition, the men of the bad woman can clearly know what role he plays in this relationship.

Let’s face it!

Some men’s heads are just like the uncle. If you don’t make it clear, he won’t understand anything.

Men are afraid that women will always play “guess and guess” games with them, and they also hate being scolded by women after guessing wrong. God knows what fickle women think?

If women can learn to speak straight, many of the stresses of men will disappear.

  Put yourself first, and even he will give you the illusion, but in fact, no man wants to stick to you 24 hours.

The bad woman will not let the stupid man monopolize her time, she will follow her priorities, arrange her needs, and then arrange her man.

For example, if she’s tired from work today, she will cancel her appointment tonight just because she doesn’t look so beautiful today.

Maybe she would drink a glass of red wine, enjoy a bubble bath, or even go to a photo exhibition by herself, but she would not go out with a man.

  The advantage is that men will think harder to ask her to go out.

“When I first started dating my girlfriend and wanted to ask her out, she sometimes refused me because she was going to a yoga class or having a meal with a friend.

The 28-year-old John thesis: “It really frustrated me.

Because other girls I’ve dated, will set aside the things at hand and flew over to date me.

But at the same time I got deeper and deeper in this relationship.

She has her own life, and that’s what keeps her attractive.

“The bad trick of the bad woman is: Don’t plunge into this relationship.

“She will not lose sight of friends, nor will she give up life planning or living habits because of love, or be willing to be the great woman behind a man.

“It is magnetic growth and decline. When some individuals become more independent, the result often leads to another person closing a love vortex.  The irony of Chu and Han circles is that men are afraid of being tied up, and they do everything to avoid eternal commitment relationships.

But when they meet a woman who draws a clear boundary and will be pushed back after crossing the boundary, they will try their best to cross the line.

If men lose their boundaries, they will gradually become blind in this relationship.

At the same time they lost their control.

  Keeping boundaries with him and giving each other a free space will help your relationship.

“When you make a mistake, men are very likely to find reasons.

If my girlfriend finds me going to the bar above to fool around, she will kill me; but if she knows and says nothing, it will make me feel guilty.

“Villani said.

  ”Men may never admit it, but in fact they quite like things to have established rules. It’s not as unruly as you think, as long as the woman next to them is not like their mother.

If a man knows that he has done something bad and his girlfriend has no idea, she is very attractive at this moment.

“She isn’t so” random “. Men don’t want women to know. They silently divide women into two types: casually playing fast food, and suitable for getting married and going home as a wife.

Once he classifies you as a casual play type, the chance of wanting to follow him into the auditorium is very, very low.

Bad women know this fact deeply, which is why they don’t always give people what they want.

But she will not be misunderstood by men, thinking she is an old-fashioned woman.

This means that you have to have a good manner, so men will not associate with you with a playful mentality, but at the same time you should not forget that you will show a little sexy when you “inadvertently”.

  When the bad woman finally wants to sleep with him, she gives him the most ecstatic night in the world.

But after getting out of bed, she seemed to have never happened.

The man is full of thought that after sex, you must beg his tail like a puppy begging him to promise you, so he will try to keep a little distance from you, but instead you should not speak and waitHe promises himself, or tells what to do next and agrees with you.

  The bad woman knows how to turn things around at this critical moment and gain the upper hand.

All you have to do next is make it difficult for him to meet you or stay busy.

Some kind of water rainbow can defeat the fire

Some kind of water rainbow can defeat the fire

Some kind of water rainbow can defeat the fire

What is “fire”?

According to Chinese medicine, “fire” is one of the six prostitutions and it is a cause. It is divided into heart fire, liver fire, stomach fire, lung fire, kidney fire and so on.

The word “fire” is ever-changing, and it is not possible to treat “hundred fires” by eating a fruit.

It is best to eat bananas to dispel the fire. Most people think that eating bananas is the best way to defeat the fire. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that bananas are sweet and cold, nontoxic, and have the effects of clearing heat and quenching thirst, clearing the stomach and cooling blood, moisturizing the intestines, laxative, and reducing blood pressure.

For thirst, constipation and other yin deficiency and intestinal dryness or blood heat and stagnation.

If the spleen and stomach are deficient, people with insufficient yang will eat bananas, which will be counterproductive.

Watermelon is a pet that defies fire. Watermelon is a pet that defies fire. It is known as “take two pieces of melon, and you don’t need to grab the medicine.”People who have cold pain and who urinate and clear urine should not eat it.

The nutrition provided by vegetables and fruits to the human body includes the following items: 1.

Provides Vitamin C 2.

Provide carotenoids, as far as tomatoes are concerned, mainly lycopene 3.

Provides polyphenol-based health ingredients, mainly flavonoids 4.

Provide potassium 5.

Provide supplementary fiber to eat lychee easily to get angry and then take lychee as an example. Pregnant, bleeding and hot and humid patients overeat lychee, but they will have symptoms of irritability, fever, thirst, nausea, and even severe bleeding and coma.

This is always the case with apples, oranges and pears.

Tomatoes make you live again

Tomatoes make you live again

Tomatoes make you live again

When the appetite is not good, the tomato with its sweet and sour taste opens the sleepy appetite and awakens the lazy taste buds.

As a fruit and vegetable, it naturally has a certain nutritional effect on the human body.

But what are the benefits of being scientifically proven?

  How can I fully enjoy its nutritional value?

How much do you know about tomatoes?

  The ingredients in tomatoes that help the human body now are lycopene, which is the pigment that makes tomatoes red.

Lycopene is a type of carotenoid, and another famous carotenoid is beta carotene, which is the main nutrient component in carrots.

  The most striking feature of lycopene is its antioxidant effect.

According to Ino Ino, director of the Vegetable Research Institute of Kokome Co., Ltd., human activities generate reactive oxygen species, which leads to an extension of life.

For example, professional athletes who often exercise have a life span that is six to seven years shorter than those who do not usually exercise. One of the main reasons is the effect of excessive reactive oxygen on the human body.

Unlike ordinary oxygen content, active oxygen has a stronger ability to oxidize objects.

Even in ordinary life, 2-3% of the oxygen entering the body is converted into reactive oxygen.

  In general, reactive oxygen species are essential to our body as they attack foreign bodies such as bacteria that invade the body and promote enzyme reactions in the body.

However, the reason why ROS is attracting so much attention now is because we are in this general context:

Reactive oxygen plays an adverse role in the human body, and eventually leads to various cancers, heart and brain diseases, physiological diseases and other lifestyle habits.

  It is generally believed that vitamin E is very effective in eliminating active oxygen, but in fact, after research, it has been found that lycopene has 100 times the ability to eliminate active oxygen and beta carotene is about 50 times that of vitamin E.

  The carotenoid content of human women is higher than that of men, so in general, women live longer than men, which may be a reason.

What women eat to blood

What women eat to blood

What women eat to blood

The country is one of the countries with the highest incidence of iron deficiency anemia in the world, with an incidence rate of 15%?
20%, among which the anemia rate of women and children is as high as 20% or more. Anemia seriously threatens women’s health.

  Anemia belongs to the category of “deficiency syndrome” in the medicine of the motherland. Deficiency syndromes often include blood deficiency, qi deficiency, yin deficiency, and yang deficiency.

Patients can choose appropriate dietary treatment methods according to their own conditions: 1. 15 grams of longan meat, 3-5 jujubes, and 100 grams of rice.

Cook together with porridge, warm and serve.

  Efficacy: nourishing the heart and nourishing the spleen, nourishing and strengthening.

  2, 2 kg (1000 grams) of fresh lamb bone, 200 grams of rice.

  Wash the lamb bones, crush them, add water to boil the soup, remove the dregs, and boil the rice into the porridge.

When eating, moderately adjust the temperature and warm clothes, 10-15 days as a course of treatment.

  Effect: kidney and bone strengthening.

  3, 100 grams of brown sticky rice, 50 grams of barley kernels, 15 jujubes.

With the porridge.

Add the right amount of sugar when eating.

  Efficacy: Ziyin and blood.

  4, 60 grams of Shouwu, red dates 3-5, 100 grams of rice.

First, use the shouwu to fry and take the thick juice to remove the residue. Add the red dates and the previous rice to make porridge. Add the appropriate amount of brown sugar and cook for one or two.

Warm clothing.
Shouwu avoids iron utensils. When cooking soup for porridge, use less pot or enamel pot.

  Efficacy: nourishing liver and kidney, nourishing blood and treating dysfunction.

  5, 2 eggs, take the egg yolks and beat, boil before adding salt to season, add the egg yolks and cook, drink 2 times a day.

  Efficacy: Iron supplement, suitable for iron deficiency anemia.

  When weight loss and weight loss became the theme of urban life, another nutritionally deficient disease captured the smallest member of the modern family at an incredible rate. This is iron deficiency anemia.

  6, 150 grams of pork liver, spinach amount.

Wash the pork liver slices with starch, salt, soy sauce, MSG and mix well. Put them in the pan and fry the spinach. Or wash the slices with 50 grams of pork liver and cook in boiling water until they are almost cooked. Add the spinach., Add rice to the pot, eat liver and vegetables to drink soup.

  Efficacy: iron supplement, suitable for iron deficiency anemia to eat a “blood supplement dish” for children.

Why do so many people hit by accident?

Why do so many people hit by accident?

Why do so many people hit by accident?

People in all walks of life are “unintentional.”

If the crowd really gathers in a pyramid shape, we will find that the more people are located at the top, the number of people who “hit by mistake, yin and yang are wrong” is an interesting phenomenon, but why is this?

  Mr. Chen Zhiwu said it was a coincidence that he eventually became associated with finance.

He graduated from the National University of Defense Technology in 1986 and reached a systems engineering expert.

After graduating and staying in school, he was assigned to work in the political teaching and research office. “The specific work is mainly to share apples, give peanuts, collect money, and so on.

“When I went to study at Yale University, I found that” the professor who originally chose to be a mentor has been blocked, and his research thesis is a bit outdated “, so he obeyed without even knowing” what is finance “.Suggestion from classmates: “Don’t choose game theory politics or mathematical economics, just study financial economics.

“I just resigned from the position of editor in chief of Finance and Economics and became the dean of Sun Yat-sen University ‘s School of Communication and Design. Ms. Hu Shuli did not take the place of her own:The university and the school specially selected rich and excellent students from the students who have entered the Chinese Department of Peking University, and I am one of them . “In this way, she erroneously transferred from Chinese to the news, and she had no choice at a time.s Choice.

  Why do some people go up and down but they ca n’t, but others can reach the peak by “scratching by mistake, yin and yang wrong”?

  There may be many explanations.

One of the more reliable explanations is that these people belong to the kind of people who will strive to do their best no matter what they do.

Life impermanence means “small probability events that actually happen often and have a huge impact.”

No matter how magnificent and thorough the previous plan may be, it may end up being completely unrecognizable because of a little bit of change.

Therefore, the greater the ideal, the less hope for success.

A country as big as China and such a powerful government can hardly succeed in making a five-year plan, and it has turned into a dozen five-year plans. Almost none of them have been successfully realized.Strange accidents are too many.

    Contrary to many people’s imagination, those who really make a difference may not even have “big dreams”, and their biggest concern is to get things done right.

They may also have ideals, but that is by no means the reason for their compromise; and their ideals are so simple and simple that they do things that really make themselves happy.

Ms. Hu Shuli told her friend in private: “My happiest thing is to write a manuscript.

When I can finally give them all the things in Caijing, I will be the chief reporter of Caijing and really do what I want to do.

“But because these people always think of the things in their hands as the most important thing, in the end those so-called” ideas “must be delayed again and again.

The opposite is that those “abducted by their own ideals” can be seen everywhere in their lives. They are thinking about “realizing their ideals”, but have to do other things because of the fetters of reality, while notConcentrate on the current work, and therefore never get the benefits of accumulation . Time goes by, the “ideal” is getting farther and farther, and discouraged instead of more and more . It can even be inferred that the worse the personThe more ambitious his ideal, especially compared to his actual situation, it is even ambitious and unrealistic.

The stronger the person is, the less the so-called ideal in the general sense-the more you know about this world, the clearer the individual power is; the more you give up the empty “ideal” and pursue a more specific “goal”; andThat “goal” tends to become smaller and more specific through the accumulation of experience and cognition.

  There is something to do in your hand, and to be able to do what you can do to the extreme, is the true “ideal state”-and relatively easy.

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