Is it good to drink milk before going to bed?

Is it good to drink milk before going to bed?

Is it good to drink milk before going to bed?

Experts say that drinking milk before going to bed is very good.

On the contrary, many people have the habit of drinking milk in the morning. Experts suggest that it is best not to drink milk on an empty stomach in the morning, which is not good for the body.

  Is it good to drink milk before going to bed?

  It is best to drink milk at night, because the milk contains a kind of biochemical L-tryptophan, which can make people sleepy, and a trace amount of morphine. These substances have certain sedative and hypnotic effects, especially L-Tryptophan.It is the main raw material for the synthesis of hydroxychrome in the brain. Serotonin plays a key role in brain sleep. It can temporarily inhibit brain thinking activities, making people want to sleep without any complications.

  Moreover, the milk sticks to the stomach wall and absorbs it. The calcium in the milk can also remove the tension, so it is more beneficial to the sleep of the elderly. Therefore, drinking milk at night is good for people’s rest and sleep.

  When is it bad to drink milk?

  Some adults have the habit of drinking milk in the morning. This method is unscientific. The reason is that after a night of sleep and rest, the stomach has already been empty, and it is ready to eat and digest food. At this time, the stomach is empty quickly.Milk is a liquid milk, and the stomach is discharged again.

Drinking milk on an empty stomach is discharged into the intestines without being fully digested and absorbed in the stomach, causing loss of nutrients.

  Milk is rich in high-quality protein. The main function of these proteins is to form a new tissue of the human body. It also has a repairing effect on the built-in tissue. If you drink milk on an empty stomach, milk will not be quickly discharged from the stomach, and the above valuable protein will be taken by the human body.Decomposition into a transfer is consumed, so it is a pity that the protein should not be fully integrated.

  The protein in milk is decomposed by pepsin and small intestine in the human stomach to become a variety of amino acids to be absorbed and utilized in the small intestine. Emptying the stomach and emptying the stomach quickly breaks down some proteins into amino acids. Some amino acids are not absorbed in the small intestine.It is discharged into the large intestine, and in the large intestine, these proteins and amino acids are decomposed into substances harmful to the human body, so that valuable proteins are completely and completely functioning.

It also increases the burden on the human body.

  To change this situation, first do not drink milk on an empty stomach in the morning, or change to drink milk after 1-2 hours after breakfast. There is food in the stomach to prevent the shortcomings of drinking milk on an empty stomach. Second, eat some starch-containing starch before drinking milk.More food, such as steamed bread, etc.; the third is to eat some milk, rice, bread, biscuits, snacks and other starchy foods when drinking milk in the morning, so that the milk stays in the human stomach for a shorter time, milk and gastric juice can fully occurEnzymatic hydrolysis, so that the protein can be digested and absorbed very well.

  Milk has a stimulating effect on sleep. In the morning, someone has a strong study and working time. After drinking milk, it makes people feel drowsy. It is not good for study and work, so it is best not to drink milk on an empty stomach in the morning.

Cotton towel cleansing makes you whiter than others_1

Cotton towel cleansing makes you whiter than others_1

Cotton towel cleansing makes you whiter than others

The makeup is very beautiful, the skin is fair and delicate like the pleasant person in the painting, but after all, I want to remove makeup. I use a cleansing oil to wipe my face and follow with a cleanser. The holes underneath are all naked, correct.Makeup remover and cleansing make you even the perfect face of Snow White.

  Although makeup removal is not complicated, this process is always carried out at the moment of rest after the day. At this time, many people often have no patience and injury to remove foundation, eyeshadow, lipstick and stubborn eyelashes after a day of exhaustion.Liquid, go to bed with residual makeup and hold your head to sleep, it has been impossible for a long time to have white beauty skin.

So even if you are tired again, you must completely remove the makeup on your face.

  白美人重点:棉片全浸湿顺肌肤纹理STEP BY STEP 1,将化妆棉沾满卸妆液,让卸妆液全覆盖眼周肌肤; 2,轻轻沿眼部肌肤向上方倾斜眼部彩妆  3,Fold up the cotton pad, and remove the eyeliner, stubborn mascara and other details that are difficult to remove with the diamond corners of the cotton pad. 4. Pinch the corner of the lip with one hand and the cotton pad with the other hand to carefully remove the makeupexcept.

  Think emollient is something you need to pay attention to before makeup?

That’s wrong. Many MMs feel dry after removing makeup. Some kind of cleansing and moisturizing cleansing cream is your best choice.

  White Beauty Focus: Clean Cream Massage Clean STEP BY STEP 1, insert the clean cream into your fingers, clean the massage along the cheekbones to the sides of the cheekbone; 2. Start from the corner of the lips, circle up to clean the cheeksOil stains; 3.Put your mouth up, press the tip of your tongue against the skin of the lower lip, so that the small particles on the lower lip part protrude, and massage gently to clean.

   Cotton towels do not have to be used when washing your face. In fact, cotton towels can also come in handy when you are shiny.

First fold the cotton towel into a triangle, and wrap it neatly on the palm. Finally, fix the opening with your thumb, which becomes a gentle and clean cotton gauze cleansing glove.

  White beauty’s focus: clean the cotton towel with STEP BY STEP1. Use a cotton towel to gently step on the face to absorb excess oil to keep the skin dry. 2. Close the cleaned position on the neck and clean it down.
  The mild alkaline cleansing power of lotion is greatly loved by excessive MM. As the most mild skin care product, the lotion is soft enough to be easily absorbed and gentle enough to soften the horny skin.power.

  White beauty points: Step BY STEP 1 cleans the lotion thoroughly. Put the cotton pads soaked in the lotion on your fingers, and massage the face along the cheekbones towards the face. 2. Clean both sides of the nose gently.In the middle, the small places that are usually difficult to notice under the nose are also cleaned; 3, behind the ears are cleaned; 4, the neck is cleaned upright.

Menopause Yoga for Health

Menopause Yoga for Health

Menopause Yoga for Health

With the popularity of yoga in China, people in the yoga community have even launched the “10,000 people practice yoga to welcome the Asian Games” activity.

Health experts said that yoga not only exercises muscles but also regulates autonomic nerves. For menopausal autonomic nerve dysfunction, women may wish to practice yoga to make themselves healthier.

  Health experts say that yoga moves are static antagonistic muscle training, which can help squeeze the muscles and ligaments. It has a certain pain relief effect for patients with neck, shoulder, waist, and leg pain; instead, yoga moves slowly and cooperates withRespiration and meditation can help regulate the central nervous system. For menopausal women, it can help regulate autonomic nerves, improve anxiety, tension, and adjust endocrine.

  Health experts said that they must pay special attention to the practice of yoga, as long as there is muscle confrontation to achieve the purpose of exercise, do not force yourself and the body to do too difficult movements.

There was a 32-year-old female yoga enthusiast. During the yoga class, the coach felt that her head was not low enough to help her head. She felt a numb hand at that time, and then she kept stepping on it. It turned out to be caused by carelessness.Disc herniation.

  Health experts said that those who have been diagnosed with herniated discs should tell the coach during practice to avoid high twisting and forward flexing movements. If they feel numbness and pain in their hands, feet, and legs during practice, they must be alert; those with knee painPatients are advised not to sit cross-legged during practice, as this will increase the burden on the knee joint.

Women also have kidney deficiency

Women also have kidney deficiency

Women also have kidney deficiency

Traditional Chinese medicine theory: Kidney deficiency makes youth no longer 1, kidney qi provides the motive force for the human body’s life activities, kidney deficiency is the lack of human vitality and physical decline, so aging, women tend to show on the face.

  2. Most women with pale faces will have kidney yang deficiency, which will be accompanied by coldness in waist and knees, cold limbs, tiredness, fatigue, infertility, loss of libido, inability to form or frequent urination.

  3. Kidney deficiency should be distinguished from yang deficiency or yin deficiency before symptomatic treatment.

  Experts remind: female fatness may be kidney deficiency. Chinese medicine says: kidney deficiency causes hair roots to be unfixed1. Kidney is congenital. Kidney health indicates the vitality of human growth and development. Kidney deficiency causes hair growth to be weak.”Not fertile, hair is hard to attach.

  2, hair is kidney yin deficiency, yin deficiency manifestations of complexion redness, waist and knees soft and painful, dizziness, tinnitus, loose teeth, loss of menstruation, amenorrhea, insomnia, forgetfulness, dry mouth breathing, irritability, sweating when moving,Physical weight loss and other symptoms.

  Traditional Chinese medicine theory: Kidney deficiency makes women’s emotions fluctuate1, the cause of kidney disease is middle-aged and elderly, but working women have high stress, diet, irregular life, office air-conditioning environment and other factors leading to lower women’s autoimmunity, etc., the proportion of kidney deficiency is high.
  2. Kidney deficiency has many mental symptoms, such as memory loss, lack of focus, and mood swings.

  3. Amenorrhea caused by kidney deficiency, low libido, irritability, worry, doubt, etc. are also symptoms of menopause, so some women do not have obvious menopause, but they always feel wrong.

  Chinese medicine says: Blind kidney is not “one time and forever”, but “gains and loses” Kidney deficiency prevention knowledge: Women’s tricks to prevent kidney deficiency1, people who do not need kidney to take kidney medicine will increase the burden of detoxification on the organs of the bodydisease.

  2. There are types of deficiency syndromes, and traditional Chinese medicine talks about syndrome differentiation between yin and yang. Each individual is a complex assembly, and each person needs to heal each other’s illness, and cannot rely entirely on folk remedies.

  3. Nephritis and kidney deficiency are not the same thing. You must go to the hospital for treatment of renal inflammation in time.

  7 novels about kidney in Chinese medicine 1. Kidney is congenital; 2. Kidney possession essence, main growth, development, reproduction; 3, Kidney main bone, raw marrow, and brain;Water liquid; 5, the kidney opens the ears to the ear; 6, the kidney is the second stool; 7, the waist is the kidney house.

Some kind of water rainbow can defeat the fire

Some kind of water rainbow can defeat the fire

Some kind of water rainbow can defeat the fire

What is “fire”?

According to Chinese medicine, “fire” is one of the six prostitutions and it is a cause. It is divided into heart fire, liver fire, stomach fire, lung fire, kidney fire and so on.

The word “fire” is ever-changing, and it is not possible to treat “hundred fires” by eating a fruit.

It is best to eat bananas to dispel the fire. Most people think that eating bananas is the best way to defeat the fire. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that bananas are sweet and cold, nontoxic, and have the effects of clearing heat and quenching thirst, clearing the stomach and cooling blood, moisturizing the intestines, laxative, and reducing blood pressure.

For thirst, constipation and other yin deficiency and intestinal dryness or blood heat and stagnation.

If the spleen and stomach are deficient, people with insufficient yang will eat bananas, which will be counterproductive.

Watermelon is a pet that defies fire. Watermelon is a pet that defies fire. It is known as “take two pieces of melon, and you don’t need to grab the medicine.”People who have cold pain and who urinate and clear urine should not eat it.

The nutrition provided by vegetables and fruits to the human body includes the following items: 1.

Provides Vitamin C 2.

Provide carotenoids, as far as tomatoes are concerned, mainly lycopene 3.

Provides polyphenol-based health ingredients, mainly flavonoids 4.

Provide potassium 5.

Provide supplementary fiber to eat lychee easily to get angry and then take lychee as an example. Pregnant, bleeding and hot and humid patients overeat lychee, but they will have symptoms of irritability, fever, thirst, nausea, and even severe bleeding and coma.

This is always the case with apples, oranges and pears.

Women’s health warns of suspected psychological killer

Women’s health warns of suspected psychological killer

Women’s health warns of suspected psychological killer

You are very concerned about your physical condition. When new theory about health is often released, you are the first to run over to study and deeply hope that your body can be a bit healthier.

However, the more I care about you, the more I find that there are many problems hidden in my body. Every day, it hurts here or there is something wrong.

In fact, experts tell us that the more causative cause of this pain is a mental illness.

  People often feel this pain and pain in life, but they can’t find any organic reasons when they arrive at the hospital.

In fact, many chronic pains for which no cause can be found may be caused by mental illness, but such psychological signals are often ignored by others.

  The nervous type is mostly a laborer who is in the booming period of her career. Ms. Zhang often inexplicably suffers from headaches, toothaches, and even whole body muscles.

She went to the neurology department, stomatology department, orthopedics department to check it all, but every check was normal.

Later, a neurologist suggested that she take a look at the psychiatry department. As a result, the doctors in the psychological clinic determined that she was suffering from physical pain-tension pain due to “heart disease”.

  Young people with nervous pain like Miss Zhang are not common.

They work hard every day for a long time and live in a tense life. Like a machine for work, they can never finish the work.

At this time, tension often affects their judgment of physical symptoms, leading to abnormal sensations, which always feels painful and itchy.

In fact, they are not really having headaches, toothaches, or even being deceived by nervousness.

  Tension pain usually causes emotional improvement and relief, so learning to relax is very important.

The easiest way to relax yourself is to take a deep breath.

Patients can also use self-discipline training: sit in a comfortable chair, put your hands on both sides of the armrest, and tilt your head slightly forward.

Or lie on your back with your hands on the sides of your body, with your feet slightly open, close your eyes, relax your whole body muscles, eliminate all distractions, and ease the tension pain.

  There are more suggestive women than men. Ms. Wang was told “the duodenum has an inverse peristaltic wave (this is normal)” in a recent physical examination, but she had no medical knowledge and went home without listening to a doctor.

At dinner that day, she ate half as much as usual, and felt a pain in her upper abdomen.

Later, she began to vomit frequently, but the doctor could not find out the reason, and later turned into a psychiatric department to be cured.

  In fact, Ms. Wang was very healthy, but she was only hinted by the disease and felt pain.

To understand implied pain, it is important to understand how powerful it can be for the human body.

Psychological cues refer to the psychological characteristics of people accepting the wishes, ideas, emotions, judgments, and attitudes of the outside world or others.

When people encounter a certain environment and hear a certain word, they will catch the clues in the display and make a quick judgment based on the experience they have formed.

  Studies have shown that people who are more introverted or competitive are susceptible to psychological cues.

In addition, women are more vulnerable to psychological cues than men.

For these people with implied pain, self-regulation is very difficult.

Therefore, it is best to seek medical treatment in a timely manner and to take medication as prescribed by your doctor.

Seven major signals warn of hepatitis

Seven major signals warn of hepatitis

Seven major signals warn of hepatitis

Suffering from hepatitis is terrible. Is there any way in life to detect and prevent hepatitis in time?

Hepatitis is a common liver disease. Many people think of hepatitis symptoms such as yellow eyes and yellow skin. Experts describe these as typical symptoms of hepatitis. In addition to these, hepatitis also has many signals on the skin.

  Spider nevus and liver palms, especially those with liver cirrhosis, will appear spider nevus and liver palms.

Spider moles often appear on the skin and neck and jaw.

  The rash is infected with viral hepatitis and someone may develop a rash.

Common erythema, maculopapular rash.

These symptoms often precede jaundice or other symptoms1?
Appeared in 6 weeks.

  Acute measles is infected with the hepatitis virus, and some people develop acute or chronic urticaria, which recurs.

Severe patients may be accompanied by systemic symptoms such as high fever and abdominal pain.

This kind of urticaria is different from the general “wind rash”, it does not fade easily, and it lasts for a long time.

  Nail changes Nail beds of patients with hepatitis become cloudy, commonly known as “white nails”. The nails are diffusely whitish, and sometimes only a small part of the front end of the nail remains pink.

  Hair changes Hair thinning in some hepatitis patients.

Male patients also have reduced beard, armpit and pubic hair.

This is related to elevated estrogen levels in the blood of male hepatitis patients.

  Patients with hyperpigmented skin may become cirrhotic if they are not treated seriously or if they are in a serious condition.

In patients with liver cirrhosis, the skin color of the whole body will become dark brown, and some even urine will appear dark brown.

  Itchy skin patients with hepatitis have systemic skin itching, some are temporary, and some are persistent itching.

Especially in patients with jaundice, itching of the skin occurs months before the onset of jaundice or one year after the onset of jaundice.

Must-see couples: 7 wrong ways to spend money

Must-see couples: 7 wrong ways to spend money

Must-see couples: 7 wrong ways to spend money

Error 1 never talks about “I have lived with Shaw for six months, and money is a taboo topic for us.

We each buy our own things. When we go shopping and eat together, whoever takes out the wallet first pays the bill . The house we live in is his parents, so there is no problem with rent.

I think it ‘s good. Violating money is the same as polluting our love.

-Sona, why is this wrong at 26?

Once the love period has passed, the couple inevitably encounters real problems, and then they begin to calculate in their hearts.

If one of them often forgets to pay the bill often, the other party either reminds him or endures silently, but after all, there will be an outbreak one day, and the argument will break out.

  The best solution: Start supplementing the day-to-day issues with money until you explicitly change it, and clarify how the two pay for the increased spending.

In order to avoid the situation where one party thinks they pay more, two people establish a common account and use the money in this account to pay daily expenses.

First sit together to calculate the approximate monthly cost of living, and save this figure in the joint account.

  Error 2 The income is different, but the AA system is implemented. “I have lived with Bai Feng for more than two years.

We are all young people with modern ideas. From the first day of communication, we have clarified the principles of the AA system.

Our income is almost three times different, but the principle of the AA system was set at the beginning.

I know he has saved some money, but I have almost no savings.

-Mei Mei, why is this wrong at 25?

Because even the principle of fair AA system, it is more and more difficult for the party with less income to bear.

As a result, resentment has accumulated in the heart.

  The best solution: Among couples with different incomes, the best solution is to determine the proportion of daily expenses based on the proportion of income, so that everyone can save some money, buy what they like, and they canBuy gifts for the other party.

Sure, this is the fairest principle.

  Error 3 One person is responsible for repaying the loan and the other person is responsible for daily expenses. “A year ago, my boyfriend picked a house and went through a bank loan procedure.

Now we live together in this apartment, he is responsible for repaying the bank loan, and I bear the daily expenses.

-Fifi, why is this wrong at 30?

Failure to financially participate in a major investment decision by two people will definitely bring future regrets.

As Fifi said, “We shouldn’t have done this. Now I’m getting more and more awkward. I don’t think this house belongs to me.

“She felt unfair. On the issue of the house, she was attached to each other. This emotion and consequences are very serious time bombs for the couple.

  The best solution: Young people under the age of 30 often hesitate on the issue of co-investment because they are uncertain about their future.

But psychologists say that if two people want to invest together, a house is the best choice: living together in a house with rights can bring spiritual equality.

  Mistake 4: I manage two people’s money by myself. “I have been good at managing my pocket money since I was a kid. As for my boyfriend, he has no idea of financial management.

After we lived together, all my income was naturally at my disposal.

Of course, I will ask for his opinion when encountering major expenses.

I set him a monthly pocket money figure, but I still can’t help commenting on how he spends his money. He is sometimes unhappy, but has not yet strongly resisted.

In fact, I think this situation is suitable for him, and I also like the feeling of controlling money.

“-Ye Lei, why is this wrong at 33?

Because the management of money becomes a right.

Psychologists tell us that if one party has absolute control in a love relationship, in the long run, it will cause an imbalance in the relationship between the two.

  The best solution: Women are more attentive and better managers, and most of them consider themselves responsible for the family’s financial situation.

One person manages two people’s money, why not?

But the condition is to respect the freedom of the other party without comment, after all, everyone’s valuation is somewhat different.

Nine Laws of Fitness

Nine Laws of Fitness

Nine Laws of Fitness

Teaching and educating people is a very hard and meticulous job.

Teachers are also the most frequently-occupied population.

How can you move without losing your work?

Several exercise methods are recommended to keep educators busy and keep their bodies active.

  Sitting on the chair with the bounced end of the brain, press the palms of both hands with your two ears, and use your forefinger, middle finger, and ring finger to bounce the brain gently. You can hear the snoring sound.

Play 10 daily?
Under 20, it can relieve fatigue, prevent dizziness, strengthen hearing, and cure tinnitus.

  Eye training When working with eyes, every half an hour, look out of the window for 1 minute, and then rest for a few times by blinking your eyes several times. You can also use eye movements.

This will help relax the eye muscles and promote blood circulation in the eyes.

  Stretching the waist When the body is temporarily in a certain position, the veins and blood vessels of the muscle tissue will accumulate a lot of blood. At this time, stretching the waist will relax or contract most of the muscles in the body.

In a few seconds of stretching, a lot of stagnant blood is driven back to the heart, which can greatly increase the volume of circulating blood and improve blood circulation.

  Comb the hair with a wooden comb from the forehead to the top of the head and brush back, gradually speeding up.

Do not apply too much force when combing to prevent scratching the skin.

This can stimulate the scalp nerve endings and acupoints on the head, promote local blood circulation, achieve the effects of eliminating fatigue, strengthening and promoting hair growth, which is particularly important for mental workers.

  Facial movement work gap, the mouth is replaced one by one, driving all the muscles of the arms and even the scalp for rhythmic exercise.

It can speed up blood circulation, delay the “aging” of various tissues and organs, and keep the head awake.

  Gritting incisors “Gritting incisors” can pull the head muscles, promote blood circulation in the head, slender and awake brain, and enhance the effectiveness of memory.

  Shake your head and shake your brain to align it with cervical joints, blood vessels, muscle ligaments, etc., shake your head and shake your brain to make these tissues move.

In this way, not only can increase the blood supply to the brain, but also reduce the possibility of cholesterol accumulation in the carotid arteries, which is conducive to the prevention of stroke, hypertension and cervical spondylosis.

  Resting with closed eyes and slightly closed eyes, all parts of the body are relaxed, and deep breathing exercises are performed, from head to toe, such as warm water vapor infiltrating the body, so do 3?
Nine times the feeling of ease and comfort, fatigue fatigue, the purpose is to strengthen the internal organs.

  Those who scratch the ears and scratch the cheeks and ears, the organs of the human body merge with nerve endings and gather on the ears.

Pulling and massaging the ear can stimulate various organs through nerve endings, promote blood, lymphatic circulation, and metabolism between tissues, regulate the mechanism of the human organs, improve the body, and achieve the effect of strengthening the body.

Tips for beauty editors daily hair care tips

Tips for beauty editors daily hair care tips

Tips for beauty editors daily hair care tips

You may have such doubts after watching the advertisement of shampoo. The star’s shining hair is small and is just a product of computer synthesis. Can you see such beautiful hair in life?

After all, what we see in life is often split ends, dry hair without gloss . This time, we invited 3 editors who have researched hair care in this magazine to listen to it.Cheats for everyone!

  The method of experiencing natural air-drying in daily life makes the hair silky at home. If it is not in a hurry, I never use a hair dryer because the hair is being damaged by the environment every day. At home, it should be reduced naturally.

  You often feel like you’re crazy when you cut your own hair. How can I cut my hair?

However, a friend of my hair stylist told me this method a year ago, and then I did it. I realized that it was actually very easy to do. I believe that it would not be difficult for you to do electricity.

And this is very good for the hair of the cow, and it is not easy to produce split ends.

The method is: pull the hair from the face complications to the face, and cut about one centimeter with scissors.

  Shampoo experience Every day I wash my hair and it becomes very dry. I often wash my hair every two days. When I wash my hair, I choose a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner-as long as you are not oily, you will need a moisturizing degree.Cleaning products.

  Do your homework a few days in advance If you want to participate in important activities, of course, the more perfect the hair, the better.

I usually do a treatment in the salon a few days in advance to enhance my hair color and increase its brightness.

In this way, in the next few days, the nutrients of the deep-care hair mask will slowly penetrate into the hair. When attending the event, the hair will have a natural luster.

  Let your hair do more exercise, if you have time, you can add more hair, let them show a natural fluffy state, you know, it is important to let your hair do more exercise, which can make hair stronger.

  When making good use of your hairdressing tools for styling, it is possible to use large-tooth combs, straight combs or tempered combs with sponge bottoms, but do not choose a bristle comb, but the hair volume will be natural and not deadboard.

If using a curling iron, do not curl the ends of the hair, because it may damage the hair quality of the hair ends and the hair volume should be a few centimeters from the root of the hair.

  Hair protection experience Wet hair is very sexy. I rarely blow my hair myself. Avoiding hair damage is only part of the reason.

Actually, I like my wet hair very much. It looks messy but sexy.

  Experiencing the difficulty of accumulating hair, I can easily shave it. I permanently cut my hair with a razor because it would make my hair look fragmented and unhealthy.

I think razors can do it, scissors can do it.

  Hair care taboo experience does not hurt the hair cloth rope I generally do not use plastic rubber bands to tie the hair, because I think it will hurt the hair.

If I have to tie my hair, I will choose a thicker one, with a headband wrapped by cloth or fiber, and it is best to be one, and not have a metal connector, so that the hair will not be damaged during friction.
In addition, I never curl my hair or ponytail to sleep.

  I only comb my hair after applying the conditioner. I have long curly hair, so I rarely comb my hair. I only comb my hair after shampooing.

And usually use your fingers to organize your hair.

  Less Hair Clips I rarely use hair clips, whether they are plastic or metal, because they pull on the hair.

But usually a large butterfly-shaped clip is used to fix hair during intensive care.

  Hair care before swimming Whether in the swimming pool or the beach, I don’t ask my hair to face the cool sun and water with no protection without any protection.

To avoid these injuries, I usually apply some conditioner, steam it, and let the hair absorb before I start.

This makes my hair look a little oily, but I don’t care.

  Resting time after styling with damage control experience After I finish styling, I give my hair ample rest time.

This means that no hair dryer, no hair straighteners or curling irons are needed to let the hair fall naturally.

As soon as I feel the hair darkens after styling, I immediately give my hair a deep treatment.

  The scalp also needs to be massaged. In order to keep the scalp clean and not too dry, I use a special scalp care essence massage every two weeks.

The method is to gently rub the scalp with the fingers of both hands, from the forehead to the top of the head to the hindbrain.

After the massage, leave the essence on the head for two hours or more, but in the end, you must clean the essence to prevent the scalp from becoming too greasy and breeding bacteria.

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